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Among other points, the plan is to analyse possible shortcomings, overlaps and duplications in the various modes of transport and work towards the implementation of a far integration system. The first meeting of this new institutional cooperation body also approved the setting up of new integrated customer service offices.
The General Council of the CTB has approved a tender for the supply of a new track car for catenary maintenance at a cost of €1,270,000 and for the adaptation of passenger doors on 24 Metro units, for the amount of €1,520,000
Today CTB has reopened the Metro station in Urduliz with a new track layout that does away once and for all with the last remaining level crossing on the Metro network. With this change the residents of Urduliz have gained 6000 m2 of public space. Track layouts in Sopela and Plentzia are also being upgraded as a result of this work. The replacement shuttle bus service that has been running between Plentzia and Sopela over the 24 months of the work has ceased to run today.