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Notice for users of the BEC park & ride

Con motivo de la celebración de la gala de los premios MTV en el BEC el próximo 4 de noviembre, y por razones de seguridad, no se podrá hacer uso del parking desde las 6,00 a.m. del sábado 3 de noviembre hasta las 6,00 a.m. del domingo 4 de noviembre. Disculpen las molestias.


The Bizkaia Transport Consortium agrees to transfer the use of the Barik NFC patent to Euskotren, the entity managing the BAT

At the request of the Department of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government, the CTB transfers the use of BARIK NFC App. By means of this telephone application, you will be able to make reloads and check the movements of BAT cards. With this agreement, the Bizkaia and Araba provinces will enjoy a common system serving 75% of users of public transport, thus taking another step in the successive implementation of interoperability between the three territories

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169.8 million journeys by public transport were made in Bizkaia in 2017: an increase of 2.5%

The 2017 Report on Public Transport in Bizkaia [Informe del Transporte Público de Bizkaia] drawn up by CTB [Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia – the Bizkaia Transport Consortium] reveals that 109.9 million journeys were made by rail (up 3.8% on 2016) and 54.2 million by bus (up 0.4%).

This increase can be attributed largely to the entry into service of Line 3 of the Metro system. This was undoubtedly one of the landmark events of the year and indeed of public transport in Bizkaia in recent times.

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El CTB informa ,que en caso de caducidad de la tarjeta Barik el saldo contenido en la misma no se pierde

En caso de caducidad de la tarjeta Barik el saldo contenido en la misma no se pierde, sino que puede recuperarse traspasándolo a otra tarjeta Barik en un plazo de 4 meses a contar desde la fecha de caducidad y conforme a la normativa reguladora de Barik .

Esta gestión se puede realizar en cualquier Oficina del Transporte Público de Bizkaia .

La caducidad de la tarjeta Barik puede consultarse en https://www.ctb.eus/consulta-fecha-caducidad-barik


En agosto las Oficinas de Atención  del Trasporte Público  de Bizkaia siguen abiertas

En agosto las Oficinas de Atención  del Trasporte Público  de Bizkaia siguen abiertas para  atender y resolver  todas las consultas acerca de cualquier transporte público de Bizkaia, incluidas gestiones de la tarjeta Barik   con los siguientes horarios:
CTB-San Mamés /   Bilbao
: Estación Intermodal de San Mamés  
      Lunes a viernes laborable de 8.30 a 7.30 (Cerrado viernes Aste Nagusia)
Metro Bilbao/Euskotren   Bilbao: Estación de ZazpiKaleak -Casco Viejo (Acceso S. Nikolas)
      Lunes a viernes laborable  8:00 - 15:00 (Cerrado viernes Aste Nagusia)
Renfe Bilbao: Plaza Circular nº 2 (Estación de Abando)
      Lunes a viernes laborable   8:00 - 14:00  (Cerrado viernes Aste Nagusia)
Bilbobus Bilbao: C/ Licenciado Poza (esquina Elcano) nº6
      Lunes a viernes laborable  8:00 - 15:00 (Cerrado viernes Aste Nagusia)   Sábados de 9:00 a 14:00
Bizkaibus Portugalete Oficina de Atención Ciudadana. San Roke plaza  
      Lunes a viernes laborable  : 7:30 -  15:00  (Cerrado viernes Aste Nagusia)

Sodupe Oficinas municipales. Travesía Gallarraga, 20        
      Lunes a viernes laborable  :     7:30 - 15:00  
  Durango: Geltoki Kalea
       Lunes a viernes laborable 8:00 - 15:00
  Gernika   Plaza Estación, s/n bajo.
       Lunes a viernes laborable 8:00 - 15:00

Asimismo , también les atenderemos   en el teléfono 94.685.5000 de atención del Transporte Público de Bizkaia  en el horario de : Lunes a viernes laborable de 8 a 20 h y sábados laborable de 9 a 15 h


The Autoritat del Transport Metropolità Catalan (Catalan Metropolitan transport Authority) has asked the CTB to use the Barik mobile top-up application patent

Bizkaia and the Catalan public entity working together will help to get the “T-mobilitat” project underway, consisting of the implementation of a new transport management, fare and technological system throughout the territory.

Carme Fábregas, Head of the ATM Innovation and Systems Division: “It is an innovation welcomed not only by Barcelona but also other cities around the world of the ilk of Dubai, which makes Bizkaia a world leader”.

The patent recognised by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) last year endorses the CTB as a trail-blazer in R&D&i, an innovator and ground-breaker resulting in a more cohesive Bizkaia with increasingly better links thanks to its public transport system.

The “Barik NFC” application has already been used for 400,000 top-ups. There were 171,442 in 2017 and 23,799 in June. A total of 108,230 people have registered with the app since it was introduced. There are currently over 1,650,000 active Bariks

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La red de Oficinas del Transporte Público de Bizkaia se amplía con una nueva en Gernika

La Red de Oficinas del Tansporte Público de Bizkaia se amplía con una nueva en Gernika que ha abierto sus puertas en la estación de Euskotren de la localidad bizkaina. La directora de Transportes del Gobierno Vasco, Janire Bijueska, y el Director Gerente del Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia (CTB), Gorka Ugalde, acompañados por el Director General de Euskotren, Imanol Leza, han presentado los servicios que se prestarán a la ciudadanía a través de esta nueva oficina ubicada en la estación de Euskotren de Gernika (Plaza Estación, s/n bajo).

La oficina de Gernika se suma a la red de Oficinas del Transporte Público impulsada por el CTB. En ella se podrán tramitar aspectos relacionados con la tarjeta Barik y gestiones propias del servicio de Euskotren. Junto con la de Durango, abierta al público hace aproximadamente un año, se acerca el servicio a las comarcas de Busturialdea y Durangaldea.

El horario de apertura al público es de 08.00 a 20.00 horas, de lunes a viernes laborables, excepto verano y puentes entre festivos. Durante el verano, el horario será especial en los meses de julio y agosto y puentes entre festivos, de 08.00 a 15.00 horas, de lunes a viernes laborables.


A new public transport office is to be opened in Gernika, at the Euskotren station, and the public transport office at the Euskotren Atxuri Station is to be closed.

On 29 June, the Euskotren Public Transport Customer Service Office at Atxuri Station will be closed and a new office will be opened in Gernika, at the Euskotren station on 5 July.

The address of the new office in Gernika is: Plaza Estación, s/n bajo. And its opening hours are as follows:
Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays): 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
Monday to Friday (not Bank Holidays) in July and August: 8.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m.


The CTB presents the I Bilbao Charity Photo Marathon prizes

The CTB General Manager, Gorka Ugalde, presented the prizes at the CTB Office at San Mamés station and thanked the participants. Karen Amaia Bilbao won the “Public Transport” category for her “Circula en verde" photograph.

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Notice for users of the BEC park & ride

Due to the Machine-tool Biennial, the park & ride facility at the BEC will not be operational in the week of 28 May – 1 June. Please excuse any inconvenience.


CTB has installed energy economizer equipments for a set of Bilbao Metropolitan Railway escalators

In 2016, CTB [Bizkaia Transport Consortium] launched a call to tender to supply and install economizer equipment for a set of Bilbao Metropolitan Railway (FMB) escalators. The project aimed to fit systems to the escalators that would lead to significant savings in electricity and whose economic and technical feasibility had been previously demonstrated in a prototype.

ThyssenKrupp Elevadores, as the successful bidder, executed the contract in 2017.

The cost of the supply was €165,041.14 (including VAT) and the implementation period was 6 months. This project received funding from the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE), an entity under the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, as part of the grant programme for energy efficiency measures in the railway sector, a programme that in turn is part of the Sustainable Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020, financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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CTB welcomes delegation from Ukraine wishing to learn about Barik system

This morning the CTB (Bizkaia Transport Consortium) welcomed an official visit from a Ukrainian delegation who wished to see Bizkaia’s public transport system for themselves. CTB General Manager Gorka Ugalde acted as host for the visitors, who included staff from the municipal authorities in Lviv interested in the process of creating, implementing and managing the Barik system across all areas and modes of public transport in Bizkaia, and in its impact on sustainable mobility in the territory.


CTB’s Barik NFC app has now been used for over 275,000 top-ups

CTB’s Barik NFC app has now been used for over 275,000 top-ups, with an average of 645 per day. 131,134 users have now downloaded this free app which enables Barik cards to be topped up from mobile phones running on Android.
In 2017 the OPEM (Spanish Office of Patents & Marks) granted a patent to the CTB (Bizkaia Transport Consortium) for this pioneering system for topping up Barik cards via mobile phones while safeguarding the security of the general system.
There are currently almost 1.6 million Barik cards in circulation.

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The Transport Consortium of Biscay will take part in the Children's Christmas Park

The Transport Consortium of Biscay, in collaboration with Metro Bilbao, will take part again this year in the Children's Christmas Park with the installation of a stand for the entertainment of children and young people. The aim is to promote the use of public transport and the Barik card.

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CTB approves €26 million in investments to enable ongoing work to continue

The Board of CTB (the Bizkaia Transport Consortium) met at the corporate headquarters in Bilbao at midday today and approved investment to the tune of €26 million, which will enable actions and strategic infrastructure work already ongoing to be continued in 2018.

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The CTB is to begin work to replace the roof of the Metro station at Gobela

El Consorcio de Transportes de Bizkaia (CTB) iniciará el próximo lunes 13 de noviembre las obras de sustitución de la cubierta de la estación de metro de Gobela en Getxo. Las labores, que cuentan con un plazo de ejecución de 6 semanas y un presupuesto de 60.000 euros, se centrarán en la marquesina para protección de las personas usuarias.

La misma está formada por una estructura principal de acero de la que suspenden unas placas de hormigón. El motivo de la reforma es el mal estado en el que se encuentran las mismas a consecuencia de las inclemencias del tiempo. Así, se ha resuelto la ejecución de un canalón central para el correcto desagüe del agua de lluvia.

La primera semana, del 13 hasta las 06.00 de la mañana del día 18 de noviembre, las obras obligarán al cierre de la estación, si bien las labores se desarrollarán en horario nocturno durante las cinco siguientes semanas. A lo largo de las seis semanas de obras, tampoco se podrá aparcar en la avenida de Negubide ni acceder de 23.00 a 06.00 horas.

Recordar que, a pesar de que la estación quede cerrada, los trenes circularan con normalidad. Las y los usuarios de la estación de Gobela deberán utilizar durante esos 5 dias de la primera semana las estaciones de Areeta o Neguri.


CTB awards contracts for investment in excess of €8 million in Metro Bilbao

The main projects include the tender for the back-up control centre at the centralised control centre, for the amount of €2.4 million. The facilities at the Ariz depot in Basauri will house this new centre, which will take over operation of all Metro systems should a serious incident knock out the current control centre at Calle Navarra 2

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An agreement between institutions is to enable Bizkaia to have 11 joint customer service offices (OAC) for public transport.

They are to begin operating on 7 November, and will deal with complaints and claims involving all operators. They will be able to manage and issue personalised Barik transport cards and other Barik transactions. They will also offer general information on timetables, lines, journeys, fares, etc. for all the operators signed up to the system.


Metro Bilbao welcomes official delegation from Romania interested in learning first-hand about public transport in Bizkaia

Yesterday Metro Bilbao received an official visit from a Romanian delegation interested in learning first-hand about public transport in Bizkaia. Metro Bilbao’s general Manager Eneko Arruebarrena and the General Manger of CTB (Bizkaia Transport Consortium) Manu Tejada hosted the group from Romania, chaired by Iustin Cionca, with Silviu Huduzeu as deputy chair, which also included the mayors of Hunedoara and Timis, Mircea Flaviu and Calin Ionel.