public transport

The Act to Establish the Biscay Transport Consortium foresees the possibility of being authorized to manage public transport in Biscay after the Metro is put in operation.

The Framework Agreements signed in July 1997 confer upon the Consortium the power to coordinate fares and to restructure public transport.

As a result of all this, the Transport Consortium is currently carrying out the following functions:

  • It coordinates the adoption of measures regarding the gradual restructuring of Public Transport in Biscay with the various institutions and carriers, such as the uniform ticket, Creditrans, common zoning, Gizatrans and various fare policy measures.
  • It is responsible for the design and coordination of the uniform tickets, Creditrans and Gizatrans, and charged with issuing and managing it.
  • It carries out research studies and analyses such as the annual reports on Public Passenger Transport and the studies on monitoring transportation in Bizcay 1997 and 2002 (in cooperation with Basques Goverment).