Public transport network

In Bizkaia, various authorities with responsibilities in the area of public passenger transport co-exist, offering their corresponding services via different Companies or Operators, whether public or private.

The Local Authorities, Town Councils and Provincial Council of Bizkaia provide urban and inter-urban bus transport with their own specific identities and characteristics, such as Bilbobus, Etxebarri-Bus, Bizkaibus, etc.

The Autonomous and Central Governments, in addition to the CTB, organise rail transport with the support of their respective operating bodies, such as Renfe, Feve, Euskotren and Metro Bilbao. Using these guidelines, each Authority establishes its own fare system and, as a result, its own zone structure, range of products or tickets, prices, etc.

The following figure schematically portrays public transport in Bizkaia

Bus network

Train network

Other network

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