Social network policy

What social networks are we on?

The CTB (Bizkaia Transport Consortium) seeks to work closely and openly with users to keep them informed and talk about pubic transport in Bizkaia. To that end it has accounts on the following social media:

• Facebook:

• Twitter:

Via Facebook and Twitter you can receive information about the company, about BARIK fare cards, about changes in public transport, promotional offers and other services.

These social networks provide a way for users to suggest improvements in public transport in Bizkaia.

The CTB page on LinkedIn is a purely corporate account where you will find the latest news about the CTB.

The CTB will answer queries and questions as quickly as possible. If you need information immediately, please contact us by telephone, e-mail or in person at our customer service offices. For details follow this link: http//

How to use the CTB social media sites

For this to be a useful channel for us all, and as part of our commitment to the community, it is important for us all to observe a few basic rules of etiquette:

- This is a forum for sharing opinions and engaging in constructive debate. It is not a place to stir up controversy, insult other users or third parties or submit personal complaints and claims, which should be filed via the specific channels provided by CTB for that purpose.

-If you ask us a direct question we will answer, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information posted by other users. If necessary we will contact you via direct messaging. -We undertake not to make any improper use of personal details, and to guarantee the privacy of our followers.

-When we start our own hashtags we suggest that our users use them when they contact CTB. This is an easy way to organise information.

-We inform you that if you post a message of your own (text, photos, graphics, video or audio) you are granting CTB authorisation to reproduce it in any physical or virtual medium, in which your name will be quoted as its author, without prejudice to the possibility of other users also saving or reproducing it.

-The logos used in this profile are registered trademarks of CTB. All intellectual and industrial property rights associated with them are therefore reserved.

-Please do not post comments that may be considered as:

• Abusive, slanderous or obscene;

• Fraudulent, misleading or conducive to errors;

• In breach of any intellectual property rights;

• Unlawful, offensive or discriminatory towards third parties.

• Spam or advertising;

• Pictures or details of other people posted without their consent.

We reserve the right to delete, conceal and block content that fails to abide by the rules set out above or that is deemed inappropriate for the rest of the community.

Liability and assurances of CTB

The CTB accepts no liability for the opinions expressed on this profile and offers no assurances concerning the truthfulness, accuracy or currency of the information contained in it.

The CTB accept no liability for external websites that may be accessed via links from this profile or for any content made available by third parties.

The CTB reminds users that social networks are subject to the same laws and constraints as any other media, and that any items published on same may have legal consequences. (Legal regulations: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin)