Chairman of the board

Unai Rementeria Maiz

Besides functioning as presiding officer, he or she is charged with convoking, opening, suspending, and adjourning sessions of the member organs of the Consortium; (s)he is charged with authorizing minutes of the meetings, certificates of agreements, accounting and inventories of assets, with adopting resolutions, with watching over the development of the Consortium and with the execution and carrying out of its tasks and services; (s)he is charged with representing the Consortium in every kind of legal negotiations before courts and before administrative organizations, property registry, notaries, etc.

The office of the Chairman of the Board of Administration, who shall also be that of the Executive Commission, shall be named and removed by Decree, from among the representatives of the Local Entities who shall be the chairpersons thereof. (S)he shall have a qualitative vote and will automatically cease in his or her functions whenever (s)he loses the status as Chairman of the corresponding Entity.

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