Modifications of the law setting it up and of its statutes, the most important of which are:

The establishment of the Statute of Autonomy in 1979 brought about a transfer of power over transport from the Spanish State to the Basque Autonomous Community which meant that the functions corresponding to the Spanish Central Government were taken on by the Basque Government.

  • The number of City Councils within the Consortium has been increased in which the City Councils of Erandio and Etxeberri were admitted.
  • Representation of the Administrative Company of Greater Bilbao and the President of the Syndicate was abolished.
  • Financing has also undergone change since, in 1986 in an effort to meet the huge investments which had to be made, the Biscay Provincial Government underwrote the debt of the City Councils in which financing was arranged to be 50% to be borne by the Basque Government and 50% by the Biscay Provincial Government.